• Introduction in diplomacy

    Introduction in diplomacy

    One of the first institutions of contact for anything related to former inhabitants who were expelled from former Yugoslavia following the end of WW II are the associations of the Danube Swabians. These associations are organized as follows.

    The regional associations of the federal states of the Danube Swabians of Germany, the federal association and the world federation are attached to the “House of the Danube Swabians” in Sindelfingen. The president of this house until early 2019 was Heribert Rech, former Interior Minister of the federal state Baden-Württemberg. The house in Sindelfingen is attached to the “Institute for Danube Swabian history and regional studies” in Tübingen, which is an institution of the Interior Ministry Baden-Württemberg, which in turn was the employer for a bunch of former war criminals and other riffraff which was formerly employed by the German Intelligence Service and can be found in the report “Wartime activities of the German Diplomatic and Military Services during Word War II” that was declassified during the “nazi war crimes disclosure act’” NWCDA in 1998.

    The reasons why the associations of the Danube Swabians are organized as a de facto attachment of the interior ministry, is just pure and simple to deliver the legacies and documents of Danube Swabians into the possession of the interior ministry, just in case papers and manuscripts might contain unit numbers and their activities during WW II and the folks mentioned in these papers can also be found on the payroll of Ministries and Services like CIA and the Gehlen Organization.

    One of these folks mentioned in several files in classified sections of “Intelligence” Agencies is Jakob Awender. Awender was the leader of a group calling themselves “reformer movement”, and was supported by NSDAP Germany from 1933. This “reformer movement” was meant to take over the former association of Germans in former Yugoslavia, the “Kulturbund”, which was not supporting the NSDAP. Awender was the head of the “Kulturbund” in Pancevo and editor and publisher of the newspaper “Pantschowaer Post” (Pancevo Post), which he renamed to “Volksruf” in 1933. From 1941, Awender was president of the central cooperative Agraria, making him responsible for an incorporation of dozens of corporations. As soon as the Red Army passed the Carpathian Mountains, Awender was made responsible for the evacuation of civilians of the Banat and although he failed, most important for this hypocrite, he was able to evacuate himself, moved to Germany and later emigrated to the USA. Awender, who moved to Freeport, Illinois, was then involved in the setup of the organization of the Danube Swabian associations in the USA, where he was also involved in the publishing of the newspaper of the Danube Swabian associations in the USA – just like in former Yugoslavia. Furthermore, Jakob Awender donated a cultural award, the “Dr. Jakob Awender Kulturpreis”, which is annually awarded by the USA association of the Danube Swabians. The winner of this award is invited by the interior ministry of Baden-Württemberg and the “Institute” in Tübingen for a polka dance tour in Germany, where the award is just named “cultural award of the Danube Swabians USA”, without mentioning the name of the honorable donor Jakob Awender.